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What Is Telepharmacy?

Telepharmacy is the practice of delivering pharmacy patient care services from a remotely via telecommunications systems. For hospitals and health care organizations, telepharmacy provides supportive bandwidth that frees pharmacists to commit greater focus to operations and clinical care. Remote pharmacy services also help local staff during instances where patient volumes may spike or crisis may strain internal resources.

From our secure home office in Naperville, Illinois, CPS TELEpharmacy provides:

  • Remote Order Entry and Verification (ROE)
  • Medication Reconciliation for admission and discharge
  • Participation in interventions that reduce adverse drug events
  • Support for the hospital nursing team and prescribers

The CPS TELEpharmacy team of licensed pharmacists helps hospitals and healthcare organization enhance the patient experience while lowering operating costs. For more information about CPS TELEpharmacy solutions, watch our new video–What Is Telepharmacy?

CPS TELEpharmacy - What Is Telepharmacy? from Comprehensive Pharmacy Services on Vimeo.

Posted: Monday, May 24, 2021

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