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Benefits of a CPS TELEpharmacy Partnership

Hospital pharmacies partnering with CPS TELEpharmacy achieve an average 45% drop in pharmacy operating costs. Along with these savings, teaming up with CPS TELEpharmacy helps our hospital pharmacy clients reduce readmissions, improve clinical outcomes, and decrease adverse drug events (ADEs).

From a remote, secure location, the CPS TELEpharmacy team of licensed pharmacists deliver 24/7/365 support that is scalable to your unique needs. Our team delivers:

  • Remote Order Entry and Verification
  • Transitions of Care
  • Patient Discharge Consultation Services


Through these services, the CPS TELEpharmacy team processes 3 million medication orders a year and intervenes on 200 medication orders daily, preventing medication errors 3.6 times a day.


Learn more about how CPS TELEpharmacy can support your pharmacy team to advance patient care and clinical outcomes in our new video.

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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