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Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Announces Launch of Full Suite of Telepharmacy Services

Proven results that catch and correct medication errors to improve care and lower costs

Memphis, TN – Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) has launched a full suite of 24/7/365 telepharmacy services called CPS Telepharmacy, which has shown to be able to catch and correct 1300 medical errors per year and has proven to reduce costs by up to 45% while improving care quality.

CPS Telepharmacy processes 3 million medication events a year and intervenes on more than 200 medication orders a day, averaging 73,000 interventions a year. On average, the CPS Telepharmacy team catches medication errors 3.6 times a day – 25 times a week – flagging the wrong dose, wrong drug, or the wrong patient. These interventions result in fewer patient adverse drug reactions as well as fewer readmissions and emergency room visits.

CPS Telepharmacy component programs include:

  • Rx-Remote Solutions: functions as an extension of the hospital’s own pharmacy; delivers off-site pharmacy services in an on-demand format; and provides hospital staff with overnight and off-hour pharmacy consultations, remote order entry and verification, and medication guidance from a licensed pharmacist.
  • Rx-Transitions: delivers comprehensive medication management for transtions of care, customized services designed for the hospital’s specific needs, pre-discharge medication reconciliation and coaching by a pharmacist, post-discharge follow-up at the 48-hour mark, and 30-day 24/7 patient access to a pharmacist post-discharge.
  • Staff Augmentation: routine pharmacy support through our on-demand telepharmacy center with 24/7/365 service to support staff shortages or unexpected surges in volume.
  • Post-Acute Chart Review: supports sub-acute care facilities with pre-admission chart/med review at time of patient transfer, on-demand pharmacy consultations, and medication reconciliation.
  • Medication Reconciliation: provides reconciliation process for inpatient, mail order and retail prescriptions, identifies and corrects variances in medications, reports to hospital care teams for therapy optimization and improved patient safety.

“Our clients report that by employing CPS Telepharmacy, their hospitals have reduced readmissions, lowered healthcare costs, improved clinical outcomes, and decreased adverse drug events,” said Bonnie Loos, Divisional Vice-President of Rx-Transitions. “CPS Telepharmacy meets the Joint Commission, CMS, and state regulatory agency requirements, and our IT platform is HIPAA certified.”

CPS Telepharmacy delivers sustainable financial results to the healthcare organization. On average, hospitals see up to a 45 percent reduction in pharmacy operating costs while preserving a high level of patient care with a seamless delivery of pharmacy services.

“The statistics are staggering,” Robert Brower, Divisional Vice-President of Rx-Remote Solutions. “We prevent a therapeutic duplication of medication 3 times per day and adjust a drug based on a patient’s kidney function 16 times a day. When we do a medication reconciliation for the Rx-Transitions product line, we catch between 2 and 3 edits per patient, correcting medication errors that could result in adverse drug reaction and costly readmissions.”

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About Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Founded 45 years ago and employing over 2,000 pharmacy professionals today, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pharmacy support services to more than 600 hospitals and healthcare facilities pharmacies. CPS helps hospital pharmacists tackle complex problems such as medication reconciliation, hyper-inflated drug costs, standardization, centralized distribution, retail pharmacies, compliance, 340B programs and much more, leading to increased quality, reduced admissions and lower costs. For more information, visit

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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