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CPS Annual Meeting Hosts 500 Pharmacy Professionals from Across the U.S.

Picture1The nation’s largest private gathering of pharmacy professionals came together May 15 -17, 2019, in Indianapolis, IN, for Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Annual Meeting and Vendor Expo. With nearly 500 pharmacy professionals attending and 80 vendors exhibiting, the event provided unprecedented networking and learning opportunities for all.


Participants met CPS’ new executive leaders:

  • Frank Segrave, Chairman and CEO
  • Jeff Foreman, Group President


Leaders shared that CPS is well-positioned for continued growth with an actionable, multi-pronged strategy that aims to quadruple the organization’s impact over the next 5 years. The event included over 6.5 hours of dedicated training for pharmacy teams to help prepare them for this next stage of growth and expanded customer support.


The meeting events gave attendees ample opportunites to interact with each other and share best practices that help optimize clinical, operational and financial success in their hospital pharmacies.


To honor team members who went above and beyond in service to their clients over the past year, CPS handed out over 150 individual and site specific awards. Awards targeted excellence in pharmacy performance, leadership, teamwork and driving the CPS core values.


Thank you to all who participated in our Annual Meeting and Vendor Expo. We hope you came away with valuable insights that will support your continued efforts on behalf of our pharmacy clients.

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020

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