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Optimization and Safety - CPS in Supply Chain World

CPS was featured in Supply Chain World, a national magazine that profiles the leading companies in supply chain management across multiple industries, including healthcare. The article focused on how CPS helps hospitals and health system pharmacies manage drug shortages and improve operational efficiencies. The article extensively quoted our own Marvin Finnefrock, Pharm.D., Division President for Clinical and Purchasing Services. Here’s a sample of what he said:

supply chain world logo“There is a huge clinical component to this. It’s important not to be reactive when something happens, so we focus on predictive modeling. We advise across the country, so when we see something happen on the East Coast and see it move west, we can make a prediction for our clients. Or, if a shortage is trending in one area and we know there is product elsewhere, we can work with the wholesaler to shift the product to a different distribution center.”

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Comprehensive Pharmacy Services helps pharmacies manage drug shortages and improve operational efficiencies

Posted: Saturday, August 29, 2020

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