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Hospital Supply Chain Management in the COVID Era

Managing the bottom line while in a pandemic is difficult.  That goes without saying.  Healthcare leaders remain challenged to find ways to streamline their supply chain while creating efficiencies in their materials management.

Finding supplies that were once easy to source is now more difficult given the impact of COVID-19. Increased demand, inventory and operational strain, and supply chain disruptions will likely continue to affect the availability of drugs and supplies.  These challenges can also place operational demands on the department, which exacerbate the need for specialists in the field.  On average, supply chain is the second largest expense for healthcare providers, after employee salaries and benefits.

PSI Supply Chain Solutions helps hospital and health system partners overcome supply chain issues while generating significant savings.

During the pandemic, we have delivered significant value through strategies that remove strain from operations.  Through this, we mitigate many pain points related to procurement.

  • Prioritizing alternative sourcing options
  • Robust director support
  • Managing allocations/changes
  • Sharing resources
  • Implementing real-time technologies
  • Leveraging group buys
  • Best-in-class inventory management

We invite you to read our latest white paper on the topic where we explore the operational and financial benefits we have provided hospitals and health systems during the pandemic.




Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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