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CPS TELEpharmacy Services Reduce the Burden of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to pressure pharmacists and hospital staff, CPS TELEpharmacy continues to support hospitals and health systems nationwide with telehealth services and supportive pharmacy coverage during times of staffing shortage and increased patient census. CPS TELEpharmacy is ready to step in on short notice to provide support to hospital pharmacies – ensuring continuity of pharmacy operations.

Maintain Pharmacy Operations

With rapid implementation, CPS TELEpharmacy can provide short-term assistance during the pandemic. CPS TELEpharmacy provides tailored assistance that can help during the COVID-19 pandemic so that hospital pharmacies can meet staffing and volume demands with no loss in service or quality.

Working from a secure pharmacy, the CPS TELEpharmacy team supports hospitals nationwide with 24/7/365 coverage with full-time pharmacists that follow the hospital’s policies and procedures. CPS TELEpharmacy offers:

  • Remote Order Entry – Supporting pharmacy staffing augmentation and flexibility
  • Admission Medication Reconciliation – Focusing to decrease harmful adverse drug events in admission medication orders
  • Transitions of Care – Reducing medication-related readmissions and improving HCAHPS scores and reimbursement rates

High Levels of Patient Care

As a proven leader in pharmacy services, CPS TELEpharmacy empowers hospitals to lower costs while reducing readmissions, and improve clinical outcomes.

CPS TELEpharmacy:

  • Processes 3 million medication orders a year
  • Intervenes on 200 medication orders daily
  • Prevents medication errors 3.6 times a day
  • Averages 45% reduction in pharmacy operating costs

CPS TELEpharmacy meets The Joint Commission, CMS, HIPAA regulations, and state regulatory agency requirements.

The CPS TELEpharmacy team understands the pressures imposed by COVID-19 on pharmacists and hospital staff. While we cannot remove the burden, CPS TELEpharmacy is eager to help. For more information, visit:

Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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