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Filling Gaps in Pharmacy Leadership

Did you know that Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is exceptionally resourced to fill gaps in pharmacy leadership when a hospital or health system experiences an unexpected vacancy? CPS has been supporting pharmacies across the nation for nearly 50 years with unparalleled solutions and expertise that are not only tailored for these unique times but can also be delivered to our client sites with very little notice.

Through the CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership solution, we saved over $3,019,000 for our hospital and health system clients in 2019, all while running a best-in-class daily pharmacy operation.

Leadership vacancies often present several pain points for healthcare facilities. The process of locating an available pharmacy leader with the right skill set and experience takes time and presents challenges:

  • It typically requires a national search
  • The process can take from three months to a year
  • The talent pool of qualified pharmacy leaders is often small

Competition is heavy for filling these positions temporarily. Rural hospitals and small facilities often choose to promote a pharmacy high performer from within, even if the individual lacks the managerial and financial expertise necessary to run the pharmacy. Larger hospitals and health systems typically need months to fill the void with an appropriate candidate.

CPS provides access to a deep pool of experienced, licensed Pharmacy Directors who we can deploy rapidly. Our interim pharmacists can step in without skipping a beat, often with no learning curve.

Our Interim Leadership solution typically covers engagements at or exceeding three-months while your enterprise conducts a search to permanently fill the position:

  • Health System Director
  • VP of Pharmacy
  • Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • Director of Pharmacy

Our Interim Pharmacy Leadership solution:

  • Drives operational efficiencies
  • Fuels clinical savings through analytics and best practice implementations
  • Improves financial health for the broader hospital and health system
  • Supports better patient outcomes

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Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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