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Hospital Achieves an Impact of More Than $9 Million on Supply Chain Operations

Hospitals with fewer than 100 beds often face supply chain challenges, because the operation has access to fewer resources than larger hospitals and health systems.

Is your supply chain operation paying too much and experiencing supply disruptions?
The right long-term partnership can help smaller hospitals achieve smooth materials flowand reduce supply costs.

The Solution

CPS Supply Chain Solutions works with smaller hospitals to ensure excellence in materials management. By engaging CPS Supply Chain Solutions’ resources, tools, and expertise, smaller hospitals are able to drive efficiency and avoid supply shortages while saving significant dollars.

CPS Supply Chain Solutions has partnered with a small nonprofit hospital in the Midwest for five years to execute a materials management strategy that is customized to the hospital’s specific needs, capabilities, and resource gaps.

In that five-year period, CPS Supply Chain Solutions has driven a cumulative benefit approaching $9.37 million in savings to the hospital.


Secure in their partnership with CPS Supply Chain Solutions, these hospital leaders know that their materials management is functioning optimally and they can focus on other priorities beyond supply chain.

To learn more, read the white paper Long-term Relationships Deliver Continuous Value for Small Hospitals. 

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Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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