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Maintain Pharmacy Efficiency During COVID-19

Maintaining efficient pharmacy operations during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount. The CPS Telepharmacy team understands the pressures on pharmacists and hospital staff. While we cannot remove the burden, CPS Telepharmacy can help.

corona-4959447_1280If your pharmacy is concerned about its ability to meet staffing and volume demands during this time, our team can provide tailored remote assistance. We are available to provide for short-term needs, and our rapid implementation services grant your enterprise access to immediate telepharmacy support 24/7/365.


Licensed Pharmacy Team - Central Location

Working from a single, secure location, the CPS Telepharmacy team of licensed, full-time pharmacists supports hospital and health system pharmacies nationwide. We deliver around-the-clock coverage that adapts to your unique operating procedures and provides the following:

  • Remote Order Entry - Supports pharmacy staffing augmentation and flexibility
  • Admission Medication Reconciliation – Allows your staff to commit greater focus to patient care
  • Transitions of Care - Reduces readmissions and improves HCAHPS Scores and STAR ratings
  • Patient Discharge Consultation - Ensures the patient has the appropriate medications and helps prevent medication-related readmissions

With advance notification, CPS Telepharmacy may be able to work on a PRN while your hospital works through COVID-19 challenges. Please note that for some facilities, PRN is not ideal. Ramp-up time for support typically is two weeks depending on facility specifics.


Reduce Staff Burden During Patient Volume Spikes

As a proven leader in remote pharmacy services, CPS Telepharmacy delivers assistance during peak demand with seamless support during staffing shortages or spikes in volume.

CPS Telepharmacy meets the Joint Commission, CMS, HIPPA regulations and state regulatory agency requirements.

  • Processes 3 million medication orders a year
  • Intervenes on 200 medication orders daily
  • Prevents medication errors 3.6 times a day
  • Averages 45% reduction in pharmacy operating costs

CPS Telepharmacy supports pharmacy efficiency while empowering hospitals to reduce readmissions, lower costs, improve clinical outcomes and decrease adverse drug events while preserving a high level of patient care with seamless delivery of pharmacy services.

In this unique time, we ensure efficient pharmacy operations that prioritize patient safety while empowering you to meet demand. Contact us if CPS Telepharmacy can be of service during this difficult time.


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Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020

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