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Optimizing Materials Management

Effective materials management is critical for supporting excellence in patient care for hospitals and health systems nationwide. When supply chain disruptions negatively impact inventory, costs can escalate, interfering with delivery of care.

Hospitals and health systems that often experience gaps in materials management may be missing the critical relationships and expertise needed to maximize their supply chain programs. Outsourcing to a trusted materials management partner like CPS Supply Chain Solutions can drive savings and inventory stability. 

Case Study

CPS Supply Chain Solutions helped a large, nonprofit health system in the Midwest with materials management strategies that captured cost savings of more than $4 million and a 10:1 ROI in a two-year period. 

In crafting a plan, the CPS Supply Chain team incorporated the health system’s specific needs, existing capabilities, and resource gaps. Following analysis of current status, CPS Supply Chain teams took the following steps:

  • Scrutinized the procurement process
  • Refined inventory management processes
  • Coordinated with clinical teams
  • Conducted regular comparative analysis of supply levels to benchmark against other providers


CPS Supply Chain’s strategy yielded measurable and sustainable financial and clinical improvements. By improving the financial performance of the materials management department, CPS ensured that the system would be less prone to supply chain disruption. Additional benefits from the partnership included improved patient experiences and a more satisfied workforce.

Read the white paper Optimizing Materials Management for Health Systems for more information: 

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2021

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