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Optimizing the Pharmacy During Leadership Vacancies

COVID-19 continues to impact the short and long-term strategies of hospitals, health systems, and pharmacies. Due to the uncertainties presented by the pandemic, many healthcare leaders are wondering how long it will be until operations can approach normalcy. Even then, with workflow issues caused by staffing shortages or illness, leaders are questioning how quickly they will be able to ramp up operations to meet increasing order volume.

Recent times have left many facilities in need of proven pharmacy leadership. When a facility needs an interim pharmacy leader, it can be challenging to find the right professional in normal times – one who can step in quickly and keep the pharmacy functioning at a high level – let alone during a health crisis. Whether times are easy or difficult, it is appropriate to address voids in leadership with a measured approach.

Time is critical

Locating an available pharmacy leader with the right skills and experience often requires a national search and can take from three months up to a year to complete. Competition is heavy for filling these positions. Leaving a key leadership position empty or promoting from within on an interim basis during an external search can create operational issues with cultural, clinical, and financial consequences.

Interim pharmacy leader characteristics

When searching for an interim pharmacy leader, look for these traits both within candidates and your own pharmacy:

  • Deep experience that enables them to hit the ground running with no learning curve
  • A versatile skill set with concentration in operational and strategic leadership, managerial, administrative and financial areas
  • Suitable bandwidth of the team behind the leader including clinicians, operational experts, finance experts, and a purchasing team to expand their capabilities
  • Appropriate assessment and strategic planning skills that fuel the interim leader’s ability to assess the pharmacy’s current state, draft an action plan and implement that plan to advance the pharmacy

Time is often of the essence, and identifying and recruiting the right pharmacy leader quickly is a daunting task. This is where Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) Interim Pharmacy Leadership can help.

The CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership Solutions

CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership provides proven pharmacy expertise through experts that require no learning curve and can fill a variety of interim pharmacy positions, including:

  • · Health System Director
  • · VP of Pharmacy
  • · Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • · Director of Pharmacy

CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership draws from an expert pool of interim pharmacy leaders with years of training and proven leadership and covers hospitals of all sizes, from rural facilities to large health systems. Nationwide reach allows CPS to rapidly deploy interim leaders who can step into the role.

With nearly 50 years of comprehensive pharmacy leadership expertise, CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership ensures seamless system performance operationally, clinically and financially by:

  • Driving operational efficiencies
  • Fueling clinical savings through analytics and best practice implementations
  • Improving financial health for the broader hospital and health system
  • Supporting better patient outcomes

CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership typically covers engagements of three-months or longer, allowing the enterprise time to conduct a proper search for a permanent leader. Not only can CPS support a smooth transition to a full-time pharmacy leader, but CPS can also identify and implement improvements across the pharmacy that positively impact patient care, operations, financial health, and clinical goals. In 2019, CPS interim pharmacists saved over $3,019,000 for hospital and health system clients, all while running a best-in-class daily pharmacy operation.

For more information on how CPS Interim Pharmacy Leadership Solutions can support your pharmacy needs.


Posted: Friday, June 26, 2020

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