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Outpatient Mgmt

'Team CPS was able to develop and execute a complete Information Technology replacement at 3 Outpatient/Ambulatory Pharmacies in less than 90 days. Orlando Health System located in Orlando, Florida utilized the Outpatient Division of CPS to replace the current Pharmacy Management System being utilized in its outpatient/ambulatory pharmacies. CPS analyzed the situation and proceeded to initiate contracts with all facets of the IT architecture (i.e.: Pharmacy Management, purchasing, implementation Software, POS system, IVR, etc.), purchase and install the hardware/software, and assist Orlando Health's IT Department in the development of interface connectivity and implementation.'

Frank Thomas, RPh, MBA – Corporate Pharmacy Contracting Coordinator,OHHI Scripts Pharmacy, Arnold Palmer Scripts Pharmacy, & UFHCC Scripts Pharmacy, Orlando, FL

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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