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Pharmacy Transformation: Understanding the Challenges

Learn how CPS can help your hospital pharmacy overcome the challenges of recent events in our new video Pharmacy Transformation: Understanding the Challenges. 



21.03 Pharmacy Transformation _ Understanding the Challenge from Comprehensive Pharmacy Services on Vimeo.

Financial Pressures

COVID-19 has impacted hospitals and health systems, inflicting some of the worst financial pressures in over a century. Supply chains have been disrupted. Staff has been compromised by illness or furlough. Patient surges have taxed resources.

Is your hospital challenged to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve patient care? CPS Pharmacy Management Solutions can help.

Driving Pharmacy Transformation

The hospital pharmacy is an often overlooked but significant opportunity for improvement. Transforming pharmacy operations can help:

  • Capture cost savings
  • Retain escaping revenues
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Achieve higher levels of clinical excellence
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

CPS knows the ins and outs of hospital and health system pharmacies operationally, clinically, and financially better than anyone.

CPS’ Track Record

For nearly a half-century, CPS experts have empowered hospital and health system pharmacies to achieve new levels of performance while growing patient and provider satisfaction. We help our partners achieve excellence across the continuum of care by taking a different approach to hospital pharmacy – one that sees the pharmacy not as a cost center but as an opportunity for transformation.

Learn more about how partnering with CPS can help drive your organization’s success while achieving positive patient outcomes: 


Posted: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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