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Protecting Our Partners & Patients

For hospitals and health systems, the COVID-19 pandemic is an all hands-on deck situation which requires a massive shift in focus to enable care for a broad patient population.

connection-4884862_1280Pharmacy operations need to stay stable, efficient and effective in the face of a potential surge in patients. Be assured that the Comprehensive Pharmacy Services team stands shoulder to shoulder with our hospital and health system pharmacy partners. We have prepared for this moment and are in the best possible position to address this crisis.

CPS is leveraging our resources – including expertise, suite of proprietary systems and analytics capabilities – to help our partners meet the challenge. While enabling pharmacies to operate efficiently through the pandemic, we are still focused on optimization through enabling:

  • Cost reductions
  • Lower readmissions
  • Measurably improved care and patient safety

While the structure of work is changing for many of us in this new environment, our team is prepared with contingency plans for staff reductions due to illness so our hospital and health system pharmacy partners can be assured that our support for your operations will continue seamlessly. In addition, we are in constant communication with our supply chain partners to avoid shortages where possible.

We are dedicated to working side by side with our pharmacy partners so they have the support they need to deliver excellence in patient care. If the CPS team can be of help in this difficult time, please contact us:


Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020

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