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Reducing Costs, Boosting Revenue, and Improving Compliance

Does your organization have the support of an expert pharmacy solutions partner that can identify and capture savings while garnering new sources of revenue?
During a session sponsored by CPS as part of Becker’s CEO + CFO Virtual Forum in August, Dwayne Dodd, Senior Vice President for CPS, shared a series of case studies highlighting the financial and clinical impact that CPS delivers to its partner pharmacies.

In the Virtual Forum, Mr. Dodd shared the following:

COVID-19 Has Informed Best Practices: The importance of adopting key learnings from the pandemic into everyday practice.

Optimizing the Pharmacy to Drive Eight-figure Cost Savings: Case study illustrating how one health system uncovered a projected $28 million in savings through pharmacy optimization.

Lowering Compliance Risk and Uncovering $500,000 in 340B Savings: Case study illustrating how one children’s hospital worked with CPS to execute 105 process changes related to controlled substances to drive measurable results.

Instituting Drug Diversion Programs that Protect Staff and Patients: How to establish an effective drug diversion approach elevates patient safety, financial health, and regulatory compliance.

By overseeing nearly $3 billion in prescription spend and impacting well over 100,000 patients weekly, CPS elevates the delivery of pharmacy services in five areas: operations, clinical, purchasing, regulatory, and learning management.

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Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2021