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Reducing Hospital Readmissions Due To Transitions of Care

Prior to the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare spent $17.5 billion on hospital readmissions. Hospitals that surpass an expected readmission rate can face up to a 3% penalty on their total Medicare reimbursement.

Adverse drug events and the challenges of clarifying and adhering to complex medication regimens are key drivers of hospital readmissions. Patients who transition from hospital to home or another care facility often are dealing with complex and challenging transition periods and complex medication related care regimens. Medication non-adherence and adverse drug events, both common following discharge, are associated with up to 66% of readmissions.[i]


The Impact of Medication Reconciliation


Medication reconciliation during transitions of care has been shown to reduce the incidents of adverse drug events.[ii] According to a University of California study published in the American Journal of Medicine, providing expert medication reconciliation and continued management for the early post-acute transition phase by a pharmacy professional has been proven to reduce readmission rates by over 50%.


CPS Telepharmacy Transitions of Care


Through its Telepharmacy Solutions Suite, CPS Telepharmacy Transitions of Care helps improve patient outcomes, lower readmission rates and improve the hospital’s bottom line by avoiding these related penalties.


CPS Telepharmacy Transitions of Care has helped hospital and health system clients achieve more than a 30% reduction in readmissions while bringing HCAHPS scores up as much as 13% in year one. CPS Transitions of Care readmission services includes:

  • Pharmacist-led admission and discharge medication reconciliation
  • Pharmacist-led medication counseling at discharge
  • Post-discharge follow-up calls from a clinical pharmacist


The CPS Telepharmacy Solutions Suite


CPS offers a robust telepharmacy solution suite that integrates seamlessly with hospital and health system care management processes along the patient’s individual continuum of care. CPS telepharmacy solutions are customized for the hospital and include:

  • Remote order entry and verification/staff augmentation
  • Admission medication reconciliation
  • Discharge medication reconciliation
  • Discharge counseling
  • Patient education videos and exams
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Medication therapy management (MTM)
  • Comprehensive medication management (CMM)
  • Opioid stewardship
  • Antimicrobial stewardship


CPS Telepharmacy meets the Joint Commission, CMS, HIPAA regulations and state regulatory agency requirements.


In summary, the impact of CPS Telepharmacy’s Transition of Care Programs has been showing to reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient clinical outcomes, increase HCAHPS Scores and increase a Hospital’s STAR rating. 


For more information on how CPS Telepharmacy Solutions can support your rural hospital and expand access to care for your patients, visit:


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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020

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