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Outpatient rehabilitation departments are considered cost centers by most hospitals. With the right leadership, rehabilitation departments can become revenue drivers. 

By applying a unique solution set, CPS Rehabilitation drives significant operational and clinical improvements to hospital rehabilitation services. These improvements have been shown to result in revenue growth along with efficient management systems, improvement in care delivery outcomes, and better compliance and regulatory education.

CPS Rehabilitation Services provides:

  • Exceptional leadership with passion and vision to lead best-in-class rehab departments
  • Effective management of key operating data 
  • Enhanced departmental efficiencies through effective benchmarking, accountability, and results-driven programs 
  • Process improvements to develop efficiencies, generate revenue and increase profitability (vs. profits) 
  • An integrated transition plan to ensure a smooth transition and focus on growth and stability
  • High-ranking satisfaction results for patients, nurses and physicians
  • Reporting tools that help measure and manage: 
  • Revenue/Expense Benchmarking 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Efficiency Monitoring 
  • Predictive Analytics

Read our new white paper to find out how one hospital realized a $1.8 million impact over three years by partnering with CPS. Download the white paper here to learn how CPS Rehabilitation can achieve excellence for your organization: 

Posted: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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