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SPARx Specialty Video

With the specialty drug market projected already exceeding $250 billion and representing greater than 50% of all drug spend, it is increasingly important that hospitals and health systems be positioned to meet this challenge. Is your pharmacy positioned to address the needs of your specialty patients? Is your pharmacy optimized to benefit from new revenues captured through specialty medications? As treatments and care become more specialized, now is the time to scrutinize your operations.

SPARx delivers a unique offering of solutions to optimize your ambulatory strategy and achieve your specialty pharmacy goals, including driving clinical support for specialty patients while fueling revenues. SPARx can help build out a new or expand an existing specialty pharmacy. Our services deliver benefits in the arenas of retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and infusion services to provide dynamic value.

SPARx Specialty Pharmacy from Comprehensive Pharmacy Services on Vimeo.

Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2021

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