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"It is my pleasure to submit a testimonial on behalf of the performance of CPS at Riveredge Hospital. I have worked alongside this team for the last 6 years. The team members under Norm Leeds leadership are professional, proficient, friendly, knowledgable, resourceful and truly part of our team. They integrate into our committee meetings, staffings, surveys, codes, MD discussions, financial cost saving opportunities, reviewing medically complex referrals and the overall daily care of our highly complex patients. With regard to educating physicians about both clinical and cost saving opportunities, they are both respectful and proactive. This graceful yet assertive approach creates a climate wherein the physicians and nurses alike seek guidance and information from the team. I haven't seen this work as effectively in another setting. They are resourceful and creative when finding opportunities to access drugs when demand is high. There are endless examples of when Norm or Robert have driven great distances to get costly medications from a group home or family member. They see this as their responsibility to both patient and our hospital. We trust their clinical acumen and appreciate their tremendous contributions to our team and care. I am happy to elaborate on any of these elements." 

Carey Carlock – Chief Executive Officer, Riveredge Hospital, Forrest Park, IL

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tags: Testimonials