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COVID-19 has caused supply chain interruptions for hospitals and health systems across the country. To help meet these supply chain issues in the most cost-effective manner, CPS offers our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) – Comprehensive Purchasing Alliance (CPA).

hospital building 2CPA extracts value by leveraging manufacturer relationships and increasing savings by adhering to purchasing agreements with vendors that offer lower pricing. CPA is a secondary GPO designed to deliver lower pharmacy costs on:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Supply items
  • Services
  • Automation

As a secondary GPO, CPA is not intended to replace your primary GPO, but rather provides access to pricing on products that may not be available through your primary GPO, or may be available through CPA at a lower price than available through your primary GPO.

There are no fees for CPS clients to join CPA We collect administrative fees from the manufacturers and other suppliers to ensure that there is no cost to the CPA member. In addition, there is no obligation to purchase from the CPA. Members may still utilize their primary GPO while participating in the CPA. Some existing CPA agreements provide 15% price breaks on certain products.

While CPS has always driven clinical savings at a high level, CPA delivers on the purchasing side even more by:

  • Leveraging group purchasing power
  • Negotiating on behalf of members
  • Extracting value from the supply chain and manufacturers to increasing savings through better contract terms
  • No cost for CPS clients
  • Does not conflict with client’s current GPO of wholesaler relationship

To learn how CPA can help maximize your collective purchasing power and reduce costs, call us: (800) 968-6962 or email:

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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