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TELEpharmacy Support That Goes Above and Beyond

Is your pharmacy team stretched to capacity? It’s not unusual for hospital pharmacy staff to be tasked with responsibilities that fall outside their core knowledge base.

The right telepharmacy services can expand your pharmacy’s bandwidth with support that meets your needs across the continuum of care. CPS TELEpharmacy not only provides affordable, reliable, and flexible solutions that work as a seamless extension of your pharmacy 24/7/365, our diverse team of experts can help with unique needs, including:

  • Specialty pharmacy accreditation and calls
  • Mail order pharmacy needs
  • EHR conversions

Our pharmacists bring a variety of clinical backgrounds, including residency and board certification, allowing for collaboration and shared knowledge across a broad range of pharmacy challenges.

For more information on how CPS TELEpharmacy can support your organization’s unique needs, watch our new video:

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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