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The Power of Data for Rehabilitation Departments

The pandemic caused hospitals to redirect resources away from non-essential departments in order to address the immediate crisis. With COVID-19 vaccines now available and patient volumes normalizing in much of the country, hospitals and health systems are shifting to strategies that focus on all departments to ensure long-term stability. Rehabilitation operations are one area that hospital leaders are reviewing.

The key question to ask is this: How can rehabilitation departments meet today’s needs while preparing for the next crisis?

The answer points to the critical importance of data to inform decision-making. Recovering from COVID-19 provides an opportunity for hospital leaders to look at processes that may be outdated and impractical for current and future needs.

By refocusing on record-keeping and data analysis, rehabilitation departments can:

  • Learn more about the impact of their decisions
  • Better evaluate performance
  • Identify performance blockers
  • Reveal untapped opportunities

Reliance on data allows decision-makers to make educated decisions that reduce waste and drive better patient care and outcomes.

Learn more in the white paper Logic in Rehab – Approaching Analytics, Decision Making, and Problem Solving. 

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Posted: Thursday, July 22, 2021