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The Value of a Centralized Pharmacy Model

What sets CPS TELEpharmacy apart?

CPS TELEpharmacy delivers value in a centralized pharmacy model. Our partners benefit from a laser focus on:

  • Quality – Pharmacist collaboration allows for shared knowledge and expertise from board-certified, residency-trained staff
  • Supervision – 24/7 supervision by pharmacist supervisors who are trained in your hospital’s policies, procedures, and dosing protocols 
  • Security – CPS TELEpharmacy facility is safeguarded behind a firewall with key fob entry to ensure a secure environment

Our team of pharmacists are trained in Lean Six Sigma and work out of a HIPAA-certified central location. We bring consistent communication and accountability that is nursing focused, driving better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Studies have shown that pharmacist involvement in patient medication education results in an average:
10% increase in HCAHPS scores
26% reduction in medication-related hospital readmissions

Learn more about how your facility can benefit from a centralized pharmacy model in our new video:

Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2021

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