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How Telepharmacy Services Empower Value-Based Care (Webinar)



The pharmacy industry is rapidly evolving.  As a result, the role of the hospital pharmacist is changing as well. As technologies improve and environmental factors change the landscape of healthcare, pharmacists are being taken away from drug dispensing and are being used for their strengths – which is medication-based knowledge.

Pharmacists are being used for enhanced clinical care where they can have an impact on health promotion and disease state management. In addition to this, they are working side-by-side with the healthcare team and creating an inter-professional environment through collaborative practice agreements. While collaboration is fruitful, this operation model removes pharmacists from their core competency.

And of course, a more digital society creates opportunities for the growth of telehealth. COVID-19, for example, necessitated changes for many facilities that only months prior were unfathomable. The possibilities of telehealth and pharmacists are now more apparent than they were only a year ago.

In this recorded webinar, Aalap Modi, Director, Clinical Care Services, explores the current and future state of pharmacy as developments continue to influence the pressures and responsibilities placed on the shoulders of pharmacists.

Through a tailored portfolio of services, CPS TELEpharmacy provides the additional bandwidth and resources required for pharmacies to thrive in the face of change.  With our Clinical Care Services offering, CPS TELEpharmacy delivers dynamic value by allowing pharmacies to achieve operational excellence through:

  • Transitions of Care
  • Stewardship programs
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Comprehensive Medication Management services

During this webinar, we highlight the areas that a telepharmacist can have an impact on a patient’s care. At CPS TELEpharmacy, we have the clinical pharmacists, technology, and workflows in place to ensure that we can help your healthcare facility meet any quality metrics and improve patient outcomes.

For more information about CPS TELEpharmacy remote pharmacy solutions, we invite you to reach out to our team via our contact us page.


Posted: Thursday, June 3, 2021

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